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Scare Your Friends By Making Creepy Custom Voices With Text To Speech

Are you a fan of horror and scary jokes? Try scaring your friends by creating custom creepy voices with text to speech!

There are many of us who appreciate the good horror genre in all its forms. It seems that with the passing of the years and the acceptance of diversity, horror genres have been gaining more and more acceptance and followers. Let’s take a brief look at how this much-exploited genre began.

Horror origins

The horror film genre has existed as a genre since the mid-1930s. In its beginnings this genre was greatly influenced by the gothic literature of authors such as Bram Stoker, Allan Poe or Mary Shelley. Basing its creation on this literature was a great success, since cinema is the perfect medium to capture all the characteristics of gothic literature.

As for the genre in film, obviously one of the characteristics of the horror genre is to scare the viewer. Although it may seem obvious from today’s point of view, the simple fact of going to the cinema to see a movie takes on a totally different concept than it did almost a century ago.

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In the mid 30’s of the last century, going to the movies to be scared was a mission that not everyone was able to do. There were even times when movie theaters were half-empty as moviegoers fled in terror.

In spite of this, the first horror films were a great success among the public, being instantly popular and soon laying the foundations of the genre. Due to the success of these horror films, some studios (especially Universal) became aware of the commercial success of these films and it was here that the history of horror films began.

Since then, movie theaters have been filled with ghosts, aliens, vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, killer clowns, gore, tortures, slimy animals, witches… created from legends or even many of them based on real events such as crimes committed.

Horror has become part of everyday entertainment. Enjoy pranking your friends by creating some creepy custom voices.

Which text to speech could I use for this?

We mostly recommend using Woord. It is an incredibly easy to use and efficient text to speech tool. It also has the possibility to use it as a chrome extension.

This program quickly turns your text into professional audio files for free usage; it includes a range of accents as well as female, male, and non-binary premium voices to make it sound more real. Woord features its own SSML editor. You can also change the text to speech before downloading the MP3 file. It has about 50 languages, including a number of dialects.

Furthermore, Woord’s SSML editor allows you to change the audio speed without compromising the quality. Additionally, if necessary, you can use the impacts of intonation, pronunciation, and force when breathing or inhaling each of the syllables. Finally, while the free option is wonderful, purchasing a paid subscription may be a wise investment for professional needs. In this regard, Woord is an excellent choice thanks to its low rates.

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