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Text To Speech Software For Chingari

Chingari is an Indian app for generating videos on mobile devices. This application is an alternative to the famous Tik Tok, so in this article, you are going to learn some about that app. To begin with, users can add visual effects to videos, or voice-over movie scenes and dialogues.  In addition, Chingari also allows users to generate short video statuses for WhatsApp. Audio clips, photos, stickers, and GIFs can also be created.

Chingari features: 

If you are curious to try out this alternative to TikTok you just need to download the app to your mobile device. On the other hand, Chingari can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

Its operation is very simple. Once it is installed on the device, you have to choose the configuration’s language. Then, click on the sidebar located on the left side of the application’s home screen and choose the web login option.

The next step is to create an account through a simple and quick registration. This will allow users to return to the main screen of the application to start creating short videos. They can also share them with their followers. They will also be able to see the works created by other people and influencers.

Text To Speech Software For Chingari

How to generate a voice for these videos

If you want to add audio to these videos you can do it through text or image to audio conversion software. The benefit of using these softwares is that they speak perfectly the language you want.

The model that Woord carries out is SaaS (software as a service) where the client is charged an annual or monthly subscription for use. For the number of conversions made from text to audio in a month. On the other hand, with the paid subscription they have access to voices of supreme quality.

Very easy to use:

  • In the text box, type a word or phrase, or import any file.
  • Choose a voice gender (male, female, or neutral voice).
  • Select a language
  • Enjoy advanced options (speech rate and device profiles)
  • Speak it!
Text To Speech Software For Chingari

Languages ​​offered by Woord:

Woord can be used for audio systems in various countries. This is so because it includes languages ​​such as Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic.

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