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Top 3 Free Screen Readers For Blind Or Visually Impaired Users

Inclusion is the most important thing in education issues, this is not something new, the goal of any institution is that teaching is integrated for all, especially for those with a physical difficulty such as the visually impaired.

Platforms like YouTube are at the forefront of audiovisual content, but sometimes you need the audio version of a specific document, and this is where Text-To-Speech software is thriving.

In addition to functioning as a facility to finish long texts or documents in less than an hour, Text-To-Speech software can become the most important tool for the education of the visually impaired since braille writing.

The ranges of pages to generate content from text to audio vary in quality and quantity of content that can be generated for free, below we will present the four most used options and with more comfortable interfaces for the conversion of files to audio with different types of voices and in a dozen languages.


Woor’s logo

Woord is one of the most up and coming companies in the world of TTS, their way of working is very interesting because they have an arsenal of audios made by users, at the same time that they have different premium plans that allow you to move to audio more than 30 thousand characters.

Every day they add new styles of voices, first the binary differentiation between male and female, then they have by countries and then accents within those countries. They also have one of the most comfortable and intuitive interfaces to work and ensure the convenience of their users.

To get started just type a word or a phrase, or copy-paste any text in Woord. Then choose the speech rate that works for you, you can start from any position in the text, and then replay the text as many times as you wish. You can also download it on MP3.

Click the next link to sign up: Woord


Verby’s Logo

Verby is one of the most used free Text To Speech software, although its interface is not the cleanest, it allows up to a thousand characters for free, while there are unlimited numbers for those who decide to switch to the paid version. Perhaps the only thing that can be criticized is that it offers no options to the robotic voice, a market that is growing every day in the world of SSML software.


ReadSpeaker’s Logo

An altogether integrated TTS provider, ReadSpeaker encompasses all of HOYA’s technologies (NeoSpeech, Voiceware, VoiceText and speak), providing a vast variety of apps for varying devices in multiple companies. ReadSpeaker gives a voice to businesses and organizations for online, embedded, server, or desktop needs, speech production, custom voices, etc.


Contoba’s Logo

Contoba, on the other hand, is known for being one of the first that allowed changing the pace of the text that is being turned into audio. This software comes with three options to translate the text to Chinese, French or Russian, but they do not allow changes of oscillations in the voice or other types of accents.

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