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Use Text-To-Speech To Learn Numbers In Different Languages

If you are learning a new language, you should definitely read this article. We explain how to improve your language skills with text to speech.

The best way to learn numbers in another language or even in your native language is using text to speech (TTS). With it, you will learn properly and you will hear with the correct accent. Nowadays this method is used by teachers at schools because it makes the students learn better. If you hear the numbers, you will know how to pronounce them and repeat them every time that you want.

Text to speech is extremely practical and accessible for everyone. Besides, It is available for mobile phones and computers, that’s why you can use it while you are driving or having a shower.

Use Text-To-Speech To Learn Numbers In Different Languages

How To Use TTS

However, it can be hard to find the perfect text-to-speech for you to use since there are so many softwares like this online. Trying a few of them can make you lose time that you might not have. Because of this, we highly recommend using Woord, since we think it’s the best tool available at the moment.

Also, contains many different languages such as Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and much more. with realistic voices and you can choose female, male, and genderless voices.  

To get your audio, you need to:

1- First, type something into the platform’s search box or upload a file.

2- Select a speaking rate that is reasonable for you.

3- Decide where you want to begin your reading.

4- Immediately listen to your audio and save it as an MP3 file.

Key features

The Woord Online Reader is an AI software solution for text-to-speech and other AI-powered applications that is one-of-a-kind. You would listen to up to 30 thousand characters of audio with a premium subscription.

Woord is the most advanced text-to-speech web technology on the market, allowing users to save and download MP3 audio files.

You can choose from a range of profile parameters when converting text to voices. Your content will be optimized for vehicle speakers, smartphones, and other smart devices, for example.

Your audio files can now be divided into separate projects. You will be able to organize your audio files into the projects that you like

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