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Best Text To Speech With Romanian Voices

Are you wondering if there’s a voice generator that produces Romanian voices? The answer is ‘yes’!

Romanian is an Eastern European language spoken as a first language by roughly 22–26 million people, predominantly in Romania and Moldova, and as a second language by another 4 million people. Few people are aware that Romanian is a Romance language, comparable to French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese; nonetheless, because of the country’s location in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Slavic-speaking nations, many people believe Romanian is a Slavic language.

Although the language has Slavic roots, they barely account for 10% of the lexicon. Romanian is a unique Romance language, with terms derived from old Slavic and others from Bulgarian, German, and Turkish. It’s still unknown how the Romanian language and most of its Latin origins managed to survive in an area dominated by Slavic and Uralic populations like Hungarians, Turks, and Bulgarians. However, Roman and Latin influences were so powerful that Slavic peoples were only able to influence the language, not alter it.

Best Text To Speech With Romanian Voices

All in all, Romanian is a language with a long, interesting history. Yet, as a Romance tongue similar to French and Spanish, it isn’t a common language to find in text to speech (TTS) instruments –you know, those softwares that can transform text-based content into audio and one can listen to it. As a result, we immersed in a quest to discover the best text to speech tool with Romanian voices. This is what we encounter:


Woord is an AI voice generator that supports 50 high-quality, realistic voices distinct from each other. You can select them across multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Swedish, etc., including Romanian and some dialects –for example, American English, Mexican Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese and Canadian French.

Best Text To Speech With Romanian Voices

Moreover, the platform allows you to select between gendered speakers (male and female) and gender-neutral ones. But that’s only the beginning. You can speed up or slow down the pace of the audible, decide on the device profile you want on your spokesperson (IVR, Smarthome and GPS, to name a few), and arrange audio traits with the SSML editor. The latter feature lets you manage the tone –emphasise or whisper–, the pronunciation –phonemes–, and breaths –or breaks–, among other characteristics. Therefore, if you can’t get natural voices with Woord, you can’t get them with another TTS tool.

What’s more, this isn’t where Woord‘s capabilities end. The programme comes with other functionalities like OCR technology, MP3 download, Chrome extension and API access. And most of them are available for free! To try them out, create an account and signup. That action will subscribe you to the free plan that gives you two audios and 20,000 characters each month. Plus, you can convert pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpeg, and png files. Nothing will limit your read-alouds.

Let us know if you check out this TTS’ Romanian voices and your thoughts in the comments!

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