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Check This Software To Help Elderly Readers

The prevention of mental illness in the elderly and the preservation of cognitive and intellectual abilities for as long as possible require keeping the mind busy and exercising. Reading is a good strategy for older people to protect their brains and maintain their mental health; It is an excellent exercise for the mind that helps in the development of focus, memory, and imagination. Reading also provides us with new information and perspectives on life. However, when vision begins to fail, this task becomes quite difficult for many older people. As a result, we want to share with you a tool that can help older people with this problem: Woord. This is a great Software To Help Elderly Readers!

Using Text-To-Speech technology for older readers is a great alternative because, while it’s not exactly the same as conventional reading, studies show that the parts of the brain that are activated are almost the same. Therefore, if you want to help your grandparents or parents, this is an excellent alternative.

Check This Software To Help Elderly Readers

Some Benefits Of Audiobooks

Although the benefits of traditional reading have been widely discussed and we are all aware of them, and we have encouraged the practice of reading, we generally do so thinking of traditional books or electronic books. However, we often forget the option of audiobooks. The recent proliferation of audiobook applications has made available to us a vast catalog of books that we can listen to. But what are the benefits of listening to the narration of a book?

  1. Rekindle the imagination.
    Although this is a characteristic of all reading, the timbre and tone of the narrator’s voice can provide a unique dimension to the narration that is unique to audiobooks. This encourages and enables a deeper imaginative process.

2.- The ability to multitask
When we read a book, we give it our full attention. Audiobooks allow us to mix reading with other tasks without interfering with our reading comprehension ability. Because attention is always divided by various stimuli, this works as a fantastic brain booster for older people.

  1. Portability
    Audiobook programs, like electronic books, can be carried on our cell phones at all times. This benefit is not limited to the elderly, but it can certainly help them a lot as they can keep their minds active on any occasion.

Check Woord‘s Software To Help Elderly Readers

Woord is a powerful text to speech (TTS) program that allows you to convert text to MP3 audio files for free and quickly. Works with text files like PDFs and web pages; it also does it with image files and even .gif. This Saas has more than 20 languages and a wide range of accents for each of them. In addition, you can modify the wording as many times as you want. The speed, the genre of the voice, and the type of device on which the file will be played are just some of the free editing possibilities offered by Woord.

Check This Software To Help Elderly Readers

The elderly probably need help with this task, since current technology often eludes them. However, if those who do the conversion themselves, Woord is a great option, since the most basic knowledge of using a computer is enough.

Using this helpful tool is as easy as following these 4 steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Share or upload the book or text file.
  3. Select the type of voice you like from the languages, gender, and accents available.
  4. Click on ‘Speak it’ and let the platform create your audio. Once it is ready, play it. And, if you are happy with it, you can download it as an MP3 file.

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