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Check This Useful Information About Learning French

French is the official language (or one of the official languages) of 33 countries in the world; In addition, along with English, it is the only language spoken on all five continents; either as a mother tongue or as a second or third language. Knowing French thus implies having the possibility of communicating with the more than 200 million French-speakers; and the more than 72 million existing students worldwide, according to the International Organization of Francophonie. If you plan to study French, below we will share with you some Information About Learning French

On the other hand, the Eurobarometer study (in English) carried out by INRA and the European Coordination Office on “Europeans and languages” (2001) yields interesting results. Among them, the language best known by Europeans, leaving aside their mother tongue and behind English (41%), is French (19%). At the same time, it is also the second most used language by Europeans (10%), after English (33%). It could then be concluded that French is one of the most useful languages ​​when embarking on a trip.

Learning French…

Traveling being able to communicate in the local language has another color. Relaxing becomes easier, because you have the certainty of being able to ask and understand if you need help. The French opens the doors of the five continents to one, a tranquility that is not at all negligible.
Opening of the labor market thanks to French

Although it is true that English is the language most in demand by companies throughout the world; French is a differential. Currently, finding professionals who speak English fluently is not a difficult task, while professionals who speak a high level of French are rarer. This situation opens a new panorama, an opportunity for those who have the chance to learn this language.

6 Tips For Learning French

  1. Read books in French frequently: Reading has always been an instrument that we can use to know how to write in our own language correctly; we can also use it to improve a language, learn new words and expressions; and at the same time increase our knowledge.
  2. Watch movies in French: Watching movies has always been fun if we choose one that we like. But we can also use them to learn languages either in O.V. or subtitled. In this way you will be able to see the words in writing and at the same time listen to their pronunciation. It is something very enriching and helps to make the ear.
  3. Translate texts to practice: The fact of translating texts is something very productive since you look in the dictionary. A word leads you to see, for example, the different uses it can have, on the other hand you learn the syntactic structures of sentences. It will improve your written comprehension.
  4. Listen to songs: Listening to songs will help you learn in a fun way, singing. In this way you will practice pronunciation and also oral comprehension. You can always help yourself with the lyrics and translate them so you will learn new vocabulary.
  5. Look for a language exchange with natives: There are language exchange pages on the internet; even on Facebook, to speak in different languages.
  6. Visit Blogs of people who have gone through the process of learning French. There are many blogs that are continuously updated with explanations of grammar, vocabulary, etc… If you want to be aware of the news, you can follow their creators on social networks; it is always a great help.

Here Is Some Extra Information About Learning French: Woord

Do you know about Text reader technology? Is part of a type of system known as speech synthesis. A text-to-speech conversion system is one that is capable of transforming a written message, usually a text file, into a voice signal. Basically, the system requires records of oral signals related to basic units (eg phonemes); which must be concatenated following the input text. In order for the system to perform a quality conversion, with the maximum intelligibility and naturalness possible, it is necessary to modify the basic units; so that they reflect a natural intonation appropriate to the synthetic message; and smooth the transitions between units so that no discontinuities between them remain. Both in the definition of elementary sounds, in the analysis of the influence of some sounds on adjacent sounds, and in the definition of prosodic patterns, the studies carried out by phoneticians and linguists play a fundamental role.

Woord is a Text-To-Speech converter that stands out for its versatility when it comes to producing audio. This Saas offers realistic voices that you can edit yourself, accents, gender and age diversity. In addition, the possibility of downloading the audio. In turn, the App automatically improves the audio quality for the type of device you intend to play it on.You can use this tool to practice your pronunciation and comprehension. With a little creativity, this Text-To-Speech tool can be very helpful for studying French, as it has several voices that will allow you to practice easily.

Some of the best qualities of Woord are its accessibility, since it has a highly professional free version, the SSML editor and the diversity of languages it works with. In addition, it stands out in the industry for the simplicity of its interface, since it is extremely intuitive for users, even those who are not very good at technology.

How To Use Woord

As we mentioned before, using Word is extremely simple. Just follow these simple steps to get quality audio:

  1. Once you are on, your text can be shared or uploaded. You may also use the SSML editor to write.
  2. Choose your favorite French voice from a variety of languages, genders, and accents.
  3. Allow the platform to build your audio by clicking ‘Speak it.’ Play it once it’s finished. You may download it as an MP3 file if you’re satisfied with it.

And that would be it!

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