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Complete Guide On Text To Speech And Top 3 Tools Available

Have you heard about text to speech tools? In this article we weill tell you more about them and give you our best recommendations, so keep reading and give them a try! You won’t stop using them once you get used to.

Technology allows anyone to convert text to speech in a few minutes and online. These technological advances represent an evolution. It allows textual content to be quickly reproduced in audio format. There are currently a large number of tools that make it easier for people with visual impairments, comprehension problems or lack of time for reading to listen to the written content of a document. We will tell you more about it in the following paragraphs.

All this is thanks to text-to-speech (TTS) technology, which is capable of converting written text into an artificial voice. Mainly these voices are used as support in the support and communication of companies, as well as to help in the accessibility and audibility of information for people with vision problems, or learning/reading difficulties or people with dyslexia. Although it is also true that they are really useful for those people who want to listen to written content while doing something else and even for reading books, documents and children’s stories.

The following are a series of online tools that are useful for converting text to speech or audio. It should be noted that the selection includes varied tools, usually offering lots of features and functionalities, such as a greater number of natural voices, no limitation of characters or words or the possibility of downloading the conversion offered in an MP3 file. All of them have multiple possibilities of playback (speed and pitch) and language and voices (male and female). The best thing to do is to discover each of the proposed tools and explore their various possibilities.

Now, let’s get straight to the point, here we have some of the best online text to speech tools you can come up with:


Woord is an online TTS that can convert any text to audio, even turn ebooks into audio books, and it´ll provide them with realistic and natural voices that will make the audio pleasant to the ears.

The language won’t be a problem. The interface supports 50 voices from 21 different languages. Regional variations are also available for select languages, such as Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and several other languages.

Go to, pick ‘Online Reader,’ or download the Chrome extension, write your text on the whiteboard, choose your language and gender, and then press ‘Speak It.’ That’s all there is to it. You can also change the speed or format of your audio before saving it for use in your movie. Woord can also convert images, scans, and documents into text. is an AI voice generator that offers over 100 lifelike text-to-speech voices in over 15 languages. The Murf Studio is easy to use and offers a variety of voice modification options such as emphasis, pitch, and speed to help you get the most out of the AI-powered voice technology. The created voiceovers sound quite realistic and can be used in a number of situations.

You can use the program to add narration to films, presentations, and even background music. Murf is frequently used by eLearning experts, L&D professionals, voiceovers for Product Demos, Marketers, Audiobooks, YouTubers, and Podcasters to create eLearning narrations. Murf gives customers complete commercial rights to the voiceovers made on their platform, and the projects are auto-saved for future modifications.

Animaker Voice

Animaker Voice is a online voice-over software that allows conversion from text to speech quickly and easily. Sign in up for a account with Animaker Voice allows you to start creating voiceovers without spending money. It is a great option for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

You can use voices for different social media platforms such as youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. Animaker Voice enables you to generate human-like voiceovers of different styles for your brand.

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