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The Best Text-to-Speech Tool For Learning While You Sleep

People sleep an average of 7.6 hours per night, which equals 200,000 hours in a lifetime. What if there was a way to use this time to do something useful, such as learning something new?

Optimism has long held that you can learn new things while sleeping through some type of mysterious mind absorption. According to some research, it is possible to strengthen existing memories based on what we hear throughout the night.

After all, this implies that the sleeping brain is capable of absorbing information and possibly forming new memories. The catch is that the memories are implicit, or unconsciously remembered. Indeed, this type of learning is basic, considerably simpler than what your brain must do to learn Chinese or math.

Although if you are looking for software that allows you to hear your books while sleeping, there’s


Using Woord to convert text to audio is quick and uncomplicated. For downloading them, there are several audio profiles options.

People of various ages can utilize technology to follow the text’s speech on a variety of technological devices. Besides, listening to information read aloud in a natural voice is a relatively new but quickly growing habit. Also, for some people, hearing the mistakes via Woord is easier and less difficult than reading them.

Key Features

In order to higher authenticity, this software tool turns your words into a professional speech using high-quality female and male voices. It’s ideal for users, children learning to read, e-learning, lectures, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook, as well as boosting a website’s accessibility.

One Of A Kind

The Woord Online Reader is a unique tool for generating text-to-speech services powered by artificial intelligence. You can listen to about 30 thousand characters of audio with a few premium subscriptions.

It’s Also Useful To

  • Text to Audio
  • SSML Editor
  • Photo or Scan to Audio
  • Document to Audio

Step by step:

  • Type a word or phrase in the text field, or import any file, and you’re ready to go.
  • Select a voice gender (male, female, or neutral voice).
  • Choose a Language
  • Take use of advanced features (voice speed and device profiles)
  • Enjoy!

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