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Empower Your App With A Realistic Voices API

Do you want to try a good text to speech with realistic voices API to empower your app? You should try Woord.

People can gain from text-to-speech technology in a variety of ways since it makes everything much more accessible to a larger audience, allowing your business to eventually grow.

Here are a few reasons why text-to-speech technology is popular and why web designers should begin implementing text to speech tools for their various platforms.

Empower Your App With A Realistic Voices API

Improves accessibility

One of the main reasons why most people choose the read-aloud web option is approachability. In today’s hectic world, many people do not have the time to read through lengthy texts.

According to data, 21% of readers prefer audiobooks and podcasts to printed books. It is a tool that people have developed to help them manage their hectic schedules.

These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to alter how individuals learn, communicate, and comprehend media material.

Removes language barriers

One of the main problems with internet communication is language boundaries because globalization has led to an increase in cross-border cultural interchange. People are reading various types of content and picking up new languages. There are many different types of literary works available online, in languages like English, Spanish, French, and Korean.

People who use text to speech can understand, acquire pronunciation skills, and get through dialect and linguistic difficulties.

Because of this, some excellent text-to-speech programs can recognize more than 100 different languages, allowing users from all around the world to take advantage of this technology.

Help reach a global audience

A corporation can now operate internationally and increase profits, underscoring the need of serving a diverse customer base. More people have access to speech synthesis than those who can read and write text with ease.

The use of text-to-speech internet technologies allows everyone to easily interpret digital content, which benefits a variety of groups.

There are over 244 million people who were born abroad. Read-aloud alternatives can be helpful for immigrant families, especially for those who don’t speak the language well.

If you want to improve the accessibility of your Application with text to speech and also want your content to reach more people you need to check out the API Woord.

Why do we recommend Woord?

Woord is an online TTS that has a number of useful features. It is available in over 50 languages, including several English dialects, Portuguese dialects, and Spanish dialects. You can also select a male, female, or gender-neutral voice. All of these features are available, allowing you to test the service before investing in the premium version.

Empower Your App With A Realistic Voices API

The edition without charge includes premium voices, a Chrome plugin, an SSML editor, an MP3 download, and up to 20,000 characters per month. You can also change the speed and format of the voice with this software.

This API’s vocal characteristics allow you to use it in a variety of situations. You can use Woord‘s Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality to create applications that assist people with reading difficulties, such as those used in E-learning and education.

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