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The Best Text To Speech API With Chrome Extension

Do you want to try the best text to speech API with a chrome extension? Our recommendation is Woord.

Text-to-speech technology is nothing new. It has existed for a very long time. You might be surprised by how long, in fact.

How to Deploy Real-Time Text-to-Speech Applications on GPUs Using TensorRT  | NVIDIA Technical Blog

Ready? It comes from Japan and dates back to the late 1950s.

Technically speaking, since 1003 A.D., people have been trying to develop robots to mimic human voice, but for our purposes, text-to-speech refers to the straightforward AI process of turning written words into speech.

There are several names for text-to-speech. For the more technical moniker, others call it TTS, read aloud, or even voice synthesis.

Today, it simply refers to employing artificial intelligence to read aloud words from any website, PDF, email, or document. No voice actor is recording specific sentences, words, or even the full article. On-the-fly speech generation takes place.

And that is both its beauty and its usefulness. You’re not required to wait. Simply hit “play,” and artificial intelligence will instantly bring the text to life in a voice that sounds quite natural. Various languages support changing accents and voices.

You can test it now if you already believe it’s fantastic and would prefer to. Simply try Woord.

How does AI text-to-speech technology work?

Without any lag, artificial intelligence can read aloud the words on a webpage. You can substitute a custom voice for the default one, alter accents and languages, and even speed up or slow down speech.

In synthesizing voices, AI has come a long way. It is capable of detecting formatted text and adjusting tone accordingly. The vocals no longer have the robotic quality they formerly did. That is being revolutionized by Word.

After downloading the TTS mobile app, you may quickly convert any website’s text to speech within your browser, read your email aloud, and more. On your laptop, you can accomplish the same thing if you install it as a browser extension. The web version is OS-independent. Windows or Mac, no issue.

Text-to-speech is rapidly gaining traction. Other large businesses like the news media & entertainment industry are beginning to offer speech as a feature on their websites.

If you want to check out the best text to speech API available you need to try Woord.

Why do we recommend Woord?

Woord is an online TTS that has a number of useful features. It is available in over 50 languages, including several English dialects, Portuguese dialects, and Spanish dialects. You can also select a male, female, or gender-neutral voice. All of these features are available, allowing you to test the service before investing in the premium version.

The edition without charge includes premium voices, a Chrome plugin, an SSML editor, an MP3 download, and up to 20,000 characters per month. You can also change the speed and format of the voice with this software.

This API’s vocal characteristics allow you to use it in a variety of situations. You can use Woord‘s Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality to create applications that assist people with reading difficulties, such as those used in E-learning and education.

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