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Top 3 TTS Online For Convert Documents

If you have a very important document in a language you don’t know how to speak but need to communicate it, there are several TTS that can do the job for you.

This software can help you make your documents understandable anywhere in the world. In this article, you will find the best converter.

1-Azure: Top 3 TTS Online For Convert Documents

Is the TTS of Microsoft, with Azure you can build apps and services that speak naturally. The user can choose from more than 70 languages and 250 voices. Using Azure you can differentiate your brand with a customized voice. In addition, users can access voices with different speaking styles and emotional tones to fit your use case from text readers to customer support chatbots.

Azure allows you to customize voice output for your scenarios by adjusting rate, pitch, pronunciation, and pauses. In addition, Azure enables natural-sounding text-to-speech conversion that fits the shapes and enunciation of people’s voices.


It is used online and it is totally free. One of the advantages of Woord is that you can download the file, in Mp3 format. Woord offers realistic voices automatically generated by artificial intelligence algorithms. 

Top 3 TTS Online For Convert Documents

Some of the languages ​​that Woord has available are Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Danish, Russian, Colombian, Belgian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German, among others.

Woord allows you to set the conversational speed and on the other hand, you can select from which part of the document to start converting audio. Since you can do it from text, images, cell phone notes.

On the other hand, it offers feminine, masculine and neutral voices. It is also ideal for use by children and young people. Within its settings, there are also children’s voices.
With the free version of Woord you can convert up to 10,000 characters per month for free.

3- Natural Reader:Top 3 TTS Online For Convert Documents

Is used For personal use and recommended for: students, dyslexic readers, working professionals, foreign language readers.

Natural Reader includes Many natural-sounding voices available from 16 different languages. And also, adjust reading margins to skip reading from headers and footnotes on the page.

With Natural, you can correct or improve the pronunciation of any word in any language.

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