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Use This Text To Speech API To Create Audio From Text In 2023

Are you looking for a text to speech API that allows you to create audio from any text; and you don’t know which is the best option available? Worry no more, in this post we are going to tell you everything about Woord; a solution that is arousing many positive opinions in recent times!

Text-to-speech websites make it easy to convert written words into audio with different accents; and some also give you the ability to control pitch, volume, speed, etc. The functions and uses of different websites usually vary between paid services; and quality services, therefore, choosing a quality one is not always an easy task.

Of course, you already know that text-to-speech tools are mostly used by multitaskers and also by auditory learners for easy retention of information. Most of the time; people also use it to overcome language barriers in cases where they can speak but cannot read; or are still in the process of learning.

There are also online audiobooks apps to use when it comes to reading and engaging in other tasks. Apart from multitasking, text to speech helps people with virtual disabilities or people diagnosed with dyslexia as all they need to do is convert and listen.

Having the ability to convert text to speech has many advantages and uses. Some seek these tools for personal use, to listen to large texts instead of reading it. Others look for this tool to bring their ideas and content from text to speech, a good way if you want to produce a video with voiceover, whatever your case, Woord is an excellent option for you.

How Can You Create Audio Files Using a Text to Speech API?

Given the popularity of material like podcasts, the tools that enable us to convert text to speech have emerged as some of the most popular tools on the whole web. The reliability of these services varies greatly, though. The ideal choice is always going to be an API if you’re seeking for one that enables professional text to speech conversion.

Also, Woord transforms photos into spoken words using OCR software. Consequently, you may use cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to listen to audiobooks, PDFs, eBooks, emails, Word documents, and much more.

As a result, it gives consumers the ability to turn simple documents, photos, and photographs into spoken text. It also gives creators the tools necessary to construct voice-enabled goods and intelligent talking apps.

That is why we recommend that you use this API to start producing the best audio from your texts and images. In addition, it has a 7 days free-trial, so it is an excellent option so that you can see all its tools!

This AI-Powered API Is The Best On The Market!

Bring your applications to life by adding life-like speech capabilities with Woord. With their help, you can create, for example, applications that use Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to assist people with reading disabilities.

Woord can assist the blind and visually impaired in consuming digital content (eBooks, news, etc). Also in public transportation announcement systems and industrial control systems for notifications and emergency announcements.

Woord can provide audio output for a variety of devices, including set-top boxes, smart watches, tablets, smartphones, and IoT devices. Also in mobile applications such as Interactive Voice Response systems.

You can select from a variety of English variants (US, UK, Australia, and India), Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Canadian French, German, Russian, Catalan, Danish, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Chinese, and others. It is capable of expressing more than 120 languages and dialects, try them all!

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