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Is It Possible To Convert Text To MP3 With An API?

Yes, we call it Text-To-Speech. This technology allows anyone to pass a text to speech in a few minutes and online, in many cases. The progress of technology supports the speedy replication and even translation of textual content into audio format. There are currently a good number of tools that make it easier for people with visual or comprehension problems or with a lack of time to read to listen to the content written in a document. Keep reading Is It Possible To Convert Text To MP3 With An API?, we will tell you about Woord, the tool that we recommend.

It is possible to make information more accessible, improve communication and promote inclusion. All of this is possible because of text-to-speech (TTS) technology, which can turn written text into a synthetic voice. These voices are mostly employed to aid in the assistance and communication of businesses, as well as to assist in making information more accessible and audible to those who have vision issues, learning or reading disabilities, or dyslexia. Although it’s also true that those who wish to read books, documents, or children’s stories while doing something else will find them to be very helpful.

How text-to-speech works

Almost all personal digital devices, such as laptops, cellphones, and tablets, support text-to-speech. It is possible to read aloud any form of text file, including web pages, Word documents, and Pages documents.

The reading pace can often be changed, and the voice is computer generated. Although voice quality varies, some voices sound like people. Even computer created voices that mimic children speaking exist.

Many text-to-speech technology tools highlight words as they read them aloud. This allows children to see the text and listen to it at the same time.

Optical character recognition is a technology that is used in some text-to-speech programs (OCR). With the use of this technology, text that is present in photos can be read aloud. For example, your child could take a picture of a street sign and the words on the sign are converted to audio.


Woord is a without-charge online text reader with a variety of useful features. It contains more than 50 languages, including a variety of dialects. Furthermore, this API allows one to choose between masculine, feminine, or non-binary voices.

All of these features are available without charge, allowing you to test the service before purchasing the premium version. Premium voices, a Chrome plugin, an SSML editor, an MP3 download, and up to 20,000 characters each month are all included in the without-charge edition. With this program, you may also adjust the voice’s speed and format.

Nonetheless, we recommend that for commercial use you buy a premium subscription to this natural voices API; they are economic and ready for commercial use. Also, with the premium versions of Woord, you 100% own intellectual property for all files.

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