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Which API Can Turn Text To Audio In Natural Voices?

If what you are looking for is to convert text to audio, the technology you need is called text-to-speech. This kind of software has gained great relevance in recent years and is a must for companies and content creators. These types of tools not only save time and money; but also deliver results that you can easily edit as many times as you want. Keep reading Which API Can Turn Text To Audio In Natural Voices?, we will tell you about Woord, the software that we recommend.

Conversational interfaces, personal assistants, virtual assistants, and altered user behavior

The voice revolution is driving companies to evolve their digital ecosystems to try to add value to consumers who already naturally seek to use voice in their digital interactions. Thus, voice is experiencing a wide range of applications in different industries; which shows that it is not just a new technology for a vertical or limited use case; but a ubiquitous technology, which fully impacts the foundations of the relationship between brands, companies and people.

The die is cast, the board is on the table and the game has just begun…, organizations that want to stay relevant must adopt voice technology as part of their presence; their digital strategy and the omnichannel relationship with their different audiences both internal and external to the organization.

According to Canalys (April 2019), the installed bases of smart speakers worldwide exceeded 200 million units by the end of that year; a year-on-year increase of 82.4% compared to 2018. One of the most interesting conclusions of the study is that in just a couple of years smart speakers could become a more popular device than tablets.

Have these technologies really made an impact?

According to the consultant, the installation of bases for smart speakers could be around 400 million in what was 2021; which would place it slightly above the estimates projected for tablets worldwide. The term ‘install base’ counts only the number of smart speakers being used by consumers, not the total number of units sold. These data are clear proof that voice technology represents a very important behavioral change in users’ technological habits.

Without a doubt, the pandemic not only generated great changes in habits, but also impacted technological developments. Text-to-speech software had a development that surprised specialists during 2020 and made it a tool that today is almost mandatory for any content creator or business company.

According to eMarketer, voice technology has moved from early adoption to mainstream. According to an eMarketer study, an estimated 111.8 million people in the United States will use a voice assistant at least once a month this year, up 9.5% from 102 million in 2018. This figure is equivalent to 39.4% of Internet users in the United States and 33.8% of the general population of the country. By 2021, the number of voice assistant users in the US will reach 122.7 million, representing 42.2% of US internet users and 36.6% of the total population. This year, those numbers have continued to rise.


Woord is a without-charge online text reader with a variety of useful features. It contains more than 50 languages, including a variety of dialects. Furthermore, this API allows one to choose between masculine, feminine, or non-binary voices.

All of these features are available without charge, allowing you to test the service before purchasing the premium version. Premium voices, a Chrome plugin, an SSML editor, an MP3 download, and up to 20,000 characters each month are all included in the without-charge edition. With this program, you may also adjust the voice’s speed and format.

Nonetheless, we recommend that for commercial use you buy a premium subscription to this natural voices API; they are economic and ready for commercial use. Also, with the premium versions of Woord, you 100% own intellectual property for all files.

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